Monday, May 18, 2009

Tournament Announcement - RanBat 1.4

When: 5/23/09 (Saturday)
Time: 6:30 registration, begins 7:00 sharp
Where: 4119 S 420 West SLC, UT - MAP
Cost: $5.00 per player, Visitors free
Format: Double elimination, Best of 3
Food: Pizza, Cola
System: Xbox 360 ONLY

I hope to have 4 monitors running for this tournament. I really encourage everyone to stay 'til the end b/c I think alot of ppl missed the hype as there were alot of great matches towards the end. I believe the two best parts of these ranbats are 1.) To see how good you really are and have gotten, 2.) Getting into the excitement of watching crazy comebacks, heated rivalries, and high level play.

EDIT: I will post more details if need be. Be sure to check out the Utah Thread @ SRK as well (see link in right column).

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