Monday, July 6, 2009

RanBat 1.7, Season 'Finale' This Weekend!

When: 7/11/09, Saturday
Time: Signup 5:00 pm, Tournament begins 6:00 pm.
Location: 4119 S 420 West SLC, UT (Very very difficult to find, if this is your first time then please locate this on a map first, my number is 801 556 5356)
Tournament style: It's gonna be pools first, certain ppl get automatic byes (yes Andrew will be one of them). Then certain amount of ppl in pools will move on to double elimination bracket with the byes. Ppl who didn't qualify out of pools, you are in luck we will make another double elimination bracket for you. Pools will not be random: I'm not gonna have Phil, Matty, Gustavo all in one pool. There will be cash prizes for both groups.
Entry fee: 5 dollars baby. Cash only.

1. Bring Cash for your entry fees.
2. STFU and don't complain about the tourney setup if you don't like it.
3. Be on time.

1. Wade vs Eddy Round 2. MONEY MATCH BABY. Last time the Hispanic Panic KO'ed Wade flawlessly. I lost 50 bucks to Esteban. Wade was humiliated. Wade blames it on lack of practice. Eddy says, "AYAYAYAYAYA, I OWNED HIM." Word. This match will be the first match of the Ranbat.

2. 150 dollar offer stands for whoever takes and bunks up with Renzo to/at EVO. I will pay in Cash. Renzo can't leave until 3:30 pm on Thursday.

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  1. I'll carry Renzo on my back to EVO for $150 ^_^