Monday, August 3, 2009

Team Tournament! SFIV 2v2

Location: 4119 S 420 West SLC, UT (Very very difficult to find, if this is your first time then please locate this on a map first, my number is 801 556 5356)
Time: 4:00 pm
Entry fee: 10 dollars (5 dollars goes to the pot, 5 dollars go to p42)
Format: Very important. Please Read. This will be a 2v2 team contest. Double Elimination. Best of 3. Rules are this: Team Y (player A/B), Team X (player C/D). A plays C, if A wins. Then A plays D. If A wins, Team Y wins match 1. If A loses to D. Then B pays D. Winner of that wins first match.

Rules: 1. Must declare character before Ranbat. Team can't have the same characters (No teams with two Ryus or two Blankas). 2. A team can't be made up of two ppl who held Ranbat points in the previous season.

This is a one time Event and I think it will cause alot of HYPE.


  1. Hey! My name is Jace Bradford and I work at Playntrade. I'm a huge street fighter fan and our store is trying to organize a big sf tournament with music, free food from vendors, etc. Does that sound like something the Utah sf scene would get behind??

  2. Also if there is a big enough Blazblue community in Utah, that's something we're very interested in as well.

  3. Absolutely. We have a big SF scene here and a good amount of us are very proficient at BB.

    Check out the Utah thread at Go to forums, go to Pacific North Region, go to Utah thread. All of us are on that. If you post something there, we'll do it. I'll remind them about it now. Thanks!

  4. talk to andy he is the ringleader of UTSF

  5. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we would definitely get behind something like that. Like awalk002 said, go to and hit up the Pacific North Region forum to find the Utah thread and introduce yourself.

  6. Also, which Play N Trade do you work at?

  7. I'm sure most of us would be down for this. BlazBlue would be fun also. Drop by the SRK Utah thread.

  8. Sorry for the super late response you guys. I have actually had a crazy move out to Japan.

    In any case, I'm not there any more, but I'm going to send this thread to a guy named Patrick who owns the Sugarhouse playntrade. He is really cool and very serious about getting some huge SF tournaments going.