Friday, September 18, 2009

2v2 Ranbat No.2 9/12

17 teams.
34 competitors.
$270 in prize money.
2 new winners.
A pre-midnight finish.

And most importantly...
...air conditioning.

The second UTSF 2-on-2 ranbat didn't fail to deliver. Eddie and Gustavo, on the strength of Eddie's FedEx Air-and-Ground Guile--he'll throw you from anywhere--and Gus' split-second Abel, stuck it out and went undefeated as a team the whole night, with numerous OCV's. This win comes after numerous almost-had-it's, mid-tournament defeats, and quick exits from both players through past events. A much deserved victory for both hard-working competitors.

Andrew and Dana took 2nd, being sent to the losers bracket only by the vicious Guile-Abel combo from da West Side. This is Andrew's umpteenth top 3 finish and Dana's first 2nd place finish. The oft-imitated Sagat-Rose team held up pretty well against challengers and gave hope to low-tier aficionados everywhere. Well, hope through His Majesty King Sagat and his able handler, Andrew. Rose finally got her tiger uppercut, high stamina, quick-recovery fireball zoning game and comboable Ultra while Sagat got a glowing scarf and an IOU. An even trade, all things considered. Utah Valley came hard and did well.

Kelly and Thanh went with the Jake and the Fatman team (Akuma and Honda). Akuma marks another departure from the norm for Kelly, who had a previous fling with Sakura, and all this after earning high placement in the past for his solid Balrog. Thanh stuck with the rather large sumo that got him his first place finish in Ranbat 2.1 and continued to be a difficult contender. For their efforts? Third place. Well done.

With all the wins, losses, difficult seedings, Biblical house floods, new character experimentation, new teammates, remember this quote from famed early 20th century sportswriter Grantland Rice:

"Keep trying to win, keep playing the game, but keep room in your heart for a song."

See ya at the next event.