Sunday, March 18, 2012

A big thanks to everyone for showing up to the latest ranbat at the Game Grid Arcade! The next tournament will be announced within the next few days. Below you will find a quick recap of the top 3 from the games played. A more extensive list can be found here. Don't forget to join our Facebook page and to sound off on our forum.

A quick recap: 

- Firebran came out of nowhere and was able to give Juptile a run for his money in Marvel for once. 
- 801 Strider and DMG iPeru continue to dominate any game with the words "Street Fighter" in it.
- Mr. Gork continues to hold on to his title of Soul Calibur champion.
- 801 Strider continues to be a threat in King of Fighters but couldn't over come the power of Saiko.
- Vegeta was able to beat the legendary Konqrr and take the title of MK9 champion.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

1: Juptile
2: Firebran
3: Taxmaster

Super Street Fighter 4 2012

1: 801 Strider
2: DMG iPeru
3: 801 Infested

Street Fighter X Tekken

1: 801 Strider
2: DMG iPeru
3: brian

Soul Calibur 5

1: RR Mr., Gork
2: bowser
3: shar

King of Fighters 13

1: saiko
2: 801 Strider
3: 151dr howard

Mortal Kombat 9

1: Vegeta
2: Konqrr
3: mr H

*Sidenote: After the ranbat, a certain wallet has gone missing. If you know anything about a missing wallet, seeing a random wallet laying around, or the theft of a wallet at the ranbat, please let me know.

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