Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tournament this Saturday, November 17

It's been a long time.

Our very own hypemaster HadoukenMD is going to be holding a tournament with Ermac this Saturday, November 17.

If these guys are taking care of things you know that it will be good. I'm going even though I haven't been to a tournament in a long time or seriously played since the summer. I better see everyone there.


Games: SF4, MVC3, Persona, Tekken, Mk9. Special Event: SF4 team tourney (details at tourney, prize donated by had).

FEE: no venue FEE. 5 dollars per game.

Payout: top 2 in each game.

Location: Very important, not at the coffeehouse for this one: It will be at Graywhale Store on 1773 West 4700 South, Taylorsville, UT which is Redwood Road and 4700 S

Noon: Casuals
1:30 pm: Tekken and Persona
2:00 pm: Marvel
3:00 pm: Team Tourney
3:30 pm: MK9
3:30 pm: SF4

Click here to see the full post!

See ya there.

Edit: Trent has done a nice little write-up on the event over at outofoursystem.com

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