Monday, March 24, 2014

Asking questions, getting answers

Everyone comes to play and enjoy Street Fighter in different ways.  During the tournament, and later via Facebook, I asked those who attended the Great Salt Ranbat #1 to answer this question:  

Why do you play Street Fighter?

David Braddock:  "I play Street Fighter now to meet new people in the new area that I've moved to.  But before, my friends picked it up and I was competitive. I couldn't let them be better than anything. That's what it's turned into here.  There's a lot of really good players in north Utah, so it's come to be that I need to be way better at what I do to match these people and that's my current goal."

Chase Hammond: " It's very...mind-consuming.  You can't really focus on anything else but the game.  It combines elements of all different types of games.  It's like rapid fire rock-paper-scissors, real-time, rapid-fire strategy.  And you're controlling all this space and everything.  But because of that, there are so many instantaneous calculations happening so fast it keeps your brain occupied so much and you can't really focus on anything else, so when you're involved with the game and you play it at a high level I just think you get in this zone, or flow, whatever you want to call it.  High challenge, high reward.  So if you have a high skill set, and you have a high challenge, you are in this state of flow.  I think that's the best place to be in when it comes to anything competitive, and I think Street Fighter offers that more so than most other video games than I've played."

Zach Pollard: "I've always played games competitively, and I played Smash competitively, but I play Street Fighter because it's a good way to get social interaction with people, to see your friends in your community, and to support each other in the same passion of Street Fighter."

Uy Nguyen:  "Originally, I just played SF to have  a game to play with my cousin, Thanh.  He started showing up to tournaments, and wanted me to come watch him play one day.  I liked the scene so much I decided to pick up the game and ever since thought this was a fun environment to be in. Everyone supports each other, and I've been going on five years now."

Guy Connor Lester: "Honestly? I play Street Fighter because I want to be the best. I want to body the likes of Daigo and Infiltration. I play Street Fighter so I can prove I'm better than anyone else."

Sometimes it's nice to know why the person sitting next to you is there.  Ask youself the question:  why do I play Street Fighter?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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