Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Post-GSR1 interview with 801 Strider

Gustavo and I had a quick chat following the tournament, and here's what he had to say.  

You went through the whole SF tournament and won.  You played Steven [in grand finals].  What was the match like?

G:  Well, I play against Steven a lot.  He always comes out to my place.  Whenever I invite him, most of the time he comes over.  Yeah, he struggles in that matchup a lot.  Just against Abel.  I play against him so much that I know.
      I was a bit worried against Mark Means.  It's not free.  I was kinda worried.

What did you think of the whole tournament tonight?

G:  AWESOME, man.  Awesome.  I'm so glad that more people came out, because I was expecting a low turnout.  Honestly, I was expecting a lot less.  So the fact that we got 36 entrants...that's pretty good.
      I think that everyone's picking up the game again because Ultra's coming out.  Which is good;  it's bringing in fresh air.  A lot of these players are new;  I would say half of them are new.  And that's great.

Are you going to do anything differently next time?

G:  This is three years in a row, man. Four years in a row, actually, where I'm undefeated.  Until someone steps up and shows me that they can beat my Abel then I'll think of something else.  But until then, people need to step it up.
     And I'm glad people are hungry again; it was a lot harder than before. 

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