Friday, April 4, 2014

FT5 Hully Stream Archive and more!

This features a Provo first -- a stream archive of casuals for SSF4AE 2012 matches on PC between Utah opponents. Hully, Colin, and Dana played each other off and on for 2 hours, with a FT5 between Hully and Colin.

See the time breakdown after the break.

First-to-Five Hully vs Colin
0:00-17:30 Hully (Cammy) vs Colin (Gen)

2 hour casuals stream
0:00-11:00       Dana (Rufus) vs Colin (Gen)
13:30-22:00     Hully (Cammy) vs Colin (E.Ryu)
23:00-40:00     Hully (Cammy) vs Colin (Zangief)
40:00-1:24:00  Hully (Cammy) vs Colin (Gen)

(players voices cut out at this time...)

1:27:00-1:45:00   Hully (Cammy) vs Dana (Rose)
1:45:30-2:04:00   Hully (Cammy) vs Dana (Rufus)

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