Friday, May 1, 2009

Pics from Ranbat 1.2

(L to R) Brian thinking "I make this shirt look good...", Travis playing Matty on the PS3 setup, Phil watches intently from the back, and Zack practices his GG handshake. Holy joystick mania...count 'em. Close to $1000 in hardware right there.

Mike and TL get into a staring contest with Ryu.

(L to R) Finals match. Brian ponders the strategic benefits of Overpass vs Little Airfield while Mike (brown) and Andrew (red) look to the Lakers, not the tanking Jazz, for some possible inspiration in upcoming matches.

Some of the Ranbat attendees. This is certainly not all, as we had over 20 people.
(Back, L to R) Kyle, Zack, Nate, Matty, Kelly, Mike, Chase
(Front, L to R) Brian, Wallace, Andrew, Dana

This pic is the same as above, except with 100% more Andy (2nd from right in back) and 2000000% less awesome because Dana wasn't in it. Andrew (middle front) demonstrates proper hadoken technique.

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