Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ranbat 1.3's a comin' up!

(taken from Andy's post in the Utah thread at SRK)

When: 5/9/09, 6:45 pm signups, 3:00 pm casuals (maybe earlier call me)
Where: Andy's House. Ok dudes, shower before you come. Serious.
Entry Fee: $5 for partcipants, if you want to play and don't have cash pm me, we'll talk about it personally.
Format: Double elimin 2/3 except Winner's finals/Loser's final/Grand finals.
Food: Chips, Cookies, Drinks supplied by me. Alcohol is all you.
Setups: 3 xbox 360, please bring your sticks, all characters unlocked/legal
46" Sony, 40" Samsung, 26" Samsung

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Respect my shit, I don't want ppl going into my bedroom or the basement at all. Please keep the bathroom somewhat clean. I do own a gun, no lie. So don't steal any of my shit. I've found evidence at the last ranbat that ppl were in my bedroom: I keep my checkbook, passport, cash there. So if you are in there or near there I assume you are up to no good. Please don't ruin this for yourself or the other cool guys here. Remember, I will have you arrested. That aside. I'm totally PSYCHED for this next ranbat. Ppl are getting better and more competitive.

Probably gonna be nearly 30 ppl. What to expect? Brian/Andrew dominance? Will the triplets step in and say fuck no? How about the new mexican Abel player that uses a pad? Inverse gonna show up? Will Renzo not choke? Will Andy finally say eat shit and win?

Only time will fucking tell. GET HYPE. Utah is on the MAP. We getting as many turnouts as Phoenix, Kansas City, St. Louis Ranbats.

EVO HERE WE COME. We talking about EVO this ranbat. If you serious, then stay a few minutes afterwards. If you're a bitch, then I'll call a cab for you.


  1. Dana, you are doing some amazing shit on this website. Like the pics, the lil' colors you put in also

  2. Lookin' good fellas...I can't wait for Saturday!

  3. andy forgot to mention strippers...
    you promised. haha

  4. Wait, shower BEFORE the ranbat...pfft, might as well not go. I count funk as part of my equipment.

  5. Hell yeah, Dana. Lookin' great. Wish I could be at 1.3, but real life called and said I had some responsibilities to take care of. :(

    Real life fails so hard.

  6. THAT SHIT WAS HYPE! Thanks for coming out everyone. Can't WAIT for the videos, this was the best tournament ever. Next time, commentary (aka crowd reaction) is needed though for sure.

    Until next time ^_^