Friday, April 22, 2011

801 Throwdown: Debut of AE at the GG!

brought to you by ermac2, hadouken MD, and GameGrid Arcade

April 23rd

Games: Super Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9 all played on Xbox 360

Time: These times may be adjusted depending on outcome, none will be started earlier than stated time

10am-Noon AE Casuals
Noon-1:30pm Mortal Kombat 9
Noon-6pm SSF4:AE
1:30pm-3pm MvC3

Location: GameGrid Arcade, Valley Fair Mall 2700W 3500 S (hit up google maps for other help)

Cost:$5/tournament entered, plus 2 tokens/game in AE

Prize Structure: For MK9 and MVC3 it will be 70/30. For SSF4 it will be 60/30/10. After venue is covered 100% of the money is paid to winners. Hadouken MD has a special prize for SSF4 winner.

Rules: Double elimination for all games. All matches are 2/3. Finals is 3/5. Winner must keep same character, ultra can be changed. Any pauses forfeits that round. MK9 will be single, not tag.

Please bring your own controller or pad. If you are new to the scene and don't play on 360 Please still come and we will help you with a stick. Regulars, no excuses, bring your stick. No casuals once tournament starts. Even if there is open setups no casuals. One AE arcade setup, bring money for tokens. 4 setups for MK9 and MvC3.

I anticipate the tournament to be over by 6pm. After the tournament, anyone who wants to, we will go to a restaurant to socialize after.

For other details, consult this SRK post.

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