Tuesday, March 15, 2011

801 Throwdown

Date: March 19th
Games: Super Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs Capcom 3, (and MK9 demo)
Cost: 10 dollars. This pays for SSF4 and MvC3. If you only play one, it is the same cost.
Time: Casuals @ 2pm, Tournament @ 3pm
Location: Thanh's House, in West Jordan. PM or text ermac2 in the Utah thread at shoryuken.com for address. A huge basement. Asian house so shoes come off.
Structure: Double elim. for all tournaments, 2/3, Marvel starts first. Standard tournaments for MVC3 & SSF4 plus a SSF4 tier tournament. Everyone watches Finals (no casuals).
Prizes: This will be pot distribution after venue fee. Marvel 1st 10% of those that play, both SSF4 tournaments will divide the remaining 90%.
Equipment: Bring your own stick/controller

Notes: Possible side tournament for MK9.
UFC event is that night, could show up on the basement plasma TV.
I have thought about it more and we will not finish last tier tournament for A and S. That money will be added to general pot for this one.
We will be testing out Andy's new capture device and upload a bunch of matches to YouTube.
Please clean up after yourself.

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