Tuesday, May 10, 2011

*Saturday* May 14. Game Grid. Tournament. This is not a ranbat, since only AE will be played, it is a small farewell tourney.

*Farewell to Eddy/Andrew*

Where: Game Grid at Valley Fair Mall
When: 12:30 pm, 10 am it opens for casuals
Entry free: 5 dollars per person. Must still feed the machine.
2 casual setups on the side, Gustavo will be going over Ryu to teach basics such as plinking, option select, spacing.
Break down of prize: 1: 70% 2: 30% 3: Pat on the back
BONUS EVENT: Salty MM. 1. Wade vs Paul 2. Lil Mario vs Uy 3. Scott vs Matty (You must tell me if you are able and willing to compete in these money matches, if not, I will find suitable replacements)
Please do not ask me to have you in a MM.

RENZO WILL NOT BE ATTENDING. So someone else can break top 3.

All matches will be recorded and uploaded within the week.


  1. so is it alright for someone who has never come to one before to come?

  2. Yeah, new people are always welcome