Wednesday, May 18, 2011

UTSF 801 presents Game Grid Battles

When: June 4th starts at 12:30pm

Where: Game Grid in the Valley Fair Mall

Games: Super Street Fighter 4 AE, Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Mortal Kombat 9

Systems: SSF4 AE on Arcade, MVC3 and MK9 on Xbox 360

Cost: 5 dollars for each tournament you play in. For the SSF4 AE you must put 2 tokens in for each match.

Prize: First place 70% of entry fees. Second place gets 30% Venue fee will be taken from total pot before payout.

Rules: All games are double elimination 2/3. No infinites in MK9. Bring your own controller for MK9 and MVC3. If you pause a match you lose that round.


  1. I'm coming. any registration required ahead of time, or just show up?

  2. i only have my ps3 arcade controller. do you guys have any one i can use just for matches

    eg grafic

  3. Just show up from now on and register there, we take sign ups right before the tourney.

    @EG just come, someone will let you borrow a stick.