Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Joel's Casuals

After coming down with a severe case of school, Hully regrettably cancelled Provo casuals tonight. But from the looks of it, that didn't stop 11 people from changing plans and carpooling to Joel's house in West Jordan. Utah wants the in-person fighting game experience, and Joel provided a venue.

From 6:30-10:00pm, they practiced Street Fighter and Marvel. Some did it for fun, some to prepare for this weekends 2014 Great Salt Ranbat #1. Even after the ranbat, Joel would like to hold more regular casuals in the future, just not Wednesdays so Provo can have their turn.

Looks like we could have a few days of casuals every week if schedules work out. Utah is turning from fighting game desert to fighting game oasis. Let's keep up the support!


  1. Real Talk: Joel's casuals are legit. Worth the trip from Provo.

  2. Yeah, I heard that you went. How'd that go? Do tell.