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Just Means Things: An Interview with Yury Mendez

Hey fellas and fellettes, it’s your friendly, neighborhood LK Tatsu Man here, (Mark, for those of you unfortunate enough to not know me), and yesterday I was given the opportunity by our friend Dana Torp to begin posting articles on his blog. Being a naturally talented and gifted people person, I interviewed my friend and huge Marvel enthusiast Yury Mendez in the fast-paced and chaotic game that is Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

My whole experience with Marvel


Q: For the sake of sounding professional, why don't you introduce yourself.

A: My name is Yury Mendez, Gamertag is Yenjoi. I've been in the 801 scene since 2012, however I've been playing fighting games since I was 5. Started with Marvel and still play it every chance I get out of work. I'm Salt Lake City based and I'll try any fighting game that's been released from Persona to Tekken.

Q: Nice, get a load of this guy and his drive, I'd say we need more people in the scene willing to try other games like ya'. Alright, what made you get competitive in fighting games?

A: I never really knew that there was a scene at all in Utah, or if I did, it wasn't big at the time. I started to take fighting games seriously when vanilla Marvel vs. Capcom 3 came out in 2010. I started with online, where after school I would ignore homework until the last minute just to have a couple minutes more matches with completely random people. That is what got me into the scene; it made me scared and hungry that there were so many more people out in the states or even locally that were better than me. I couldn't have that; I wanted to be the best and would do what I could to get there.

Q: Is this the only genre you're competitive in, or  do you have any other genres that you take/took seriously?

A: Yeah, I only take fighting games seriously. There was a time where I would only play Modern Warfare 2 and I took that serious as hell. But then along came the 3rd best game to come out, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, behind Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and the game I love the most: Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

Q: Oh, big fan of MvC2, huh? Didn't know that. I expect that you know all the cheap bulls---, right? In the same vein, what kind of characters do you tend to gravitate towards? And what kind of playstyles do you like the most? I know that MvC2 is all about RTSD and what not, but I can see it also being a pretty defensive game.

A: Marvel 2 was the game I would never turn my back on. The majority of my family is from Guatemala and over there there are, without exaggeration, over 100 arcades in that country and you WILL find a Marvel 2 machine in one of them.

Haha, I don't know all the cheap s--- but I play Magneto/Strider/Doom. Not as cheap of a team as you'll see, but nonetheless I've made it work in the long run.

I tend to gravitate towards the characters that keep you from doing anything, like Magneto and Strider because of Ouroboros, which does that so amazingly. I also love flashy and impractical combos and just weird teams in general.  That's why I currently love UMvC3, so many team options so I'll never get bored in training mode be it with my main teams or random all.

Q: Speaking of teams! Tell me about your current team, I know you play quite a few characters, but we all have our main chickens!

Main chicken related

A: Alright, for the most part I've been sticking with three main teams currently:

Magneto (Disruptor)/Dr Doom (Missiles)/Dante (Jam Session)
Tron (Gustaff Fire)/Vergil (Rapid Slash)/Dr Doom (Plasma Beam)
Dr Doom (Plasma Beam)/Spencer(Slant Assist)/Akuma (Tatsu).

I used the first two teams in my Marvel pools and casuals at SCR.

Q: Hahah, you're just segueing perfectly here for me.  I hope the other guys I interview make it this easy for me!  I was just about to ask how you prepared for SCR and how it went. 

A: For SCR, I did some things that I think helped me way more than benefit me. I held casuals at my house for Marvel and that was a blast. I got Andy to let me borrow a monitor so I can practice on a lagless monitor, but the most important and best thing I think I did was decide to leave online Marvel for the greater good. It was hard, I've been playing that on the daily since 2010 with vanilla. And I do not regret it at all.
I was realizing that it brought too many bad tendencies like trying to chicken block all the time instead of just trying to react to things.

*Sigh* SCR I wish I would have done better but what can I do now? I know what I did wrong and can do nothing but improve until I go out there next year. I went 1-2 in pools: lost to Jeopardy, a beast Zero player and then frauded out by Deggial I think was his name.

I looked back at the matches because Steven recorded them and I noticed what I did wrong against Deggial, I shouldn't have lost that one, but much respect to his Arthur. But I did play two ft5s against Angelic, a ft5 against Noel Brown, and a money match against Ranmasama.

Q: Nice!  Cool that those guys were so willing to play sets like that. Couple more questions: How do you, personally, begin to learn and understand a fighting game? Do you have any advice for people who may be interested in picking up Marvel?

A: I begin with going through the trial mode of every character if that is available. See which character I like the flow of and see what the character's pros and cons are.

And advice for Marvel? Go ham. Pick a top tier at first to the point where you fully understand the game and all of the mechanics, then and only then I would say begin to pick characters you like. I started with Wesker/Tron(broken assist in vanilla)/and Spencer. Now I can pretty much play the whole cast.

Q: Alright, last question! Any goals or plans for the future in regards to fighting games? Or do you have anything else you'd like to say?

A: Yes, since last year Justin Wong came and took the title of Salt Fest champion. My goal is to bring Utah the gold this time, and I will.  Also I plan on traveling to more majors, I've mainly been looking at Nor Cal Regionals and UFGT10 since it is the last one they are going to have. And you know I'm going to EVO, it will be my first.

I would like to end by saying mostly everyone is free in Marvel except for the two other top players I've found in the state. Shoutouts to Chase and Atzil. Also come down to the ranbat at Kafeneio this Saturday son!

My average reaction to s---talk in the 801


And that’s that, folks. Yury Mendez with that dedication and HELLA s---talking... I respect it though. Step up your game, Marvel dudes! But, anyway, that's it for this article...

Now, now, don’t be lettin’ those big ‘ol Crocodile Tears start welling up, I’ll be back again soon with another interview with a lesser-known but highly active and supportive part of our community. Now, who could that be, you wonder? Well, I’ll be taking on our good friends over at Dustloop to get the skinny on Air Dashers, Waifus, and more in my next article on anime fighters! So sit tight and wait warmly, guys, ‘cuz it’ll be comin’ soon!  

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  1. Shout out to my nephew Yury Mendez, and he is right. Here in Guatemala there are tons of Marvel Arcade and more coming up. Keep it up and let people know you are about to kick some arss!!!