Sunday, March 16, 2014

Decapre: She's new, but not very BOLD


Well, they did it.  During the Final Round 17 tournament in Georgia this past weekend, Combofiend revealed Decapre as the new character.  

Get those calluses ready...she's a charge character.  A charge Cammy.  With a teleport.  And a Rufus-like juggling Target Combo. There's more, but you should probably read it over at EventHubs, Shoryuken, or even IGN.  They got all the new info and data, so give them the pageviews.

I guess for me, it's wait and see.  That's always the safe way to go, but honestly people.  How do we know if she'll suck or not? At only 85% finished, and having been COMPLETELY absent from the myriad of location tests around the world, she's still a great unknown.  That can work against her as far as balance, but I doubt it.  She's not AE Yun or Vanilla Sagat or anything like that, that we know.  Trust Combofiend and crew with this one, because what else are we supposed to do.  Until you get a job at Capcom, you aren't going to change a thing.

Design-wise, Capcom played it relatively safe, which feels mildly disappointing.  They went the "Evil clone" route.  Yes, she wasn't what people asked for in a new addition to the series.  Everyone wanted R.Mika, or Ingrid, or another rehash, when that's exactly what they got with Elena, Rolento, Hugo, and Poison...wait, Poison is new.  Hm.

Remember the last bold moves they made with Hakan, Juri, and Oni?  It seems like Juri is just now getting good press because of Alioune and the hopes of better times to come in Ultra, and Hakan is finally getting respect but ultimately hasn't won much at all.  Oni has succeeded lately because of Wao and Sanford Kelly, but was slept on for quite some time.  I think they wanted to make a new character that would get used, so they didn't veer too far off the beaten warrior's path.  Capcom made someone that would get playtime.  

You want a new character, use Poison.  You want familiarity with a twist, use Decapre.  Or stay with what you know, because the rules all change in Ultra anyway.  It really doesn't matter.  Just get good and show up when casuals and ranbats happen.  Ultra is only a few months away.   

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