Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Post SCR 2014 Utah Edition: Renzo Vigo interview part 2

This is part 2 of the Facebook interview with Renzo Vigo, 7th place finisher at SCR 2014.

You played nine matches, and most were against known players, professionals like Snake Eyez, Ricky Ortiz, etc.  But your first match was against Don Wahlberg... I don't know that guy.  Maybe I should. Did you know who he was, and if not, do you approach matches differently against unknowns than against known players?

RENZO:  Yes, because against unknown players you can play more loose and try things that you wouldn't against a pro or more seasoned player.  They probably don't know how to properly punish or don't know what's going on in the first place.

So you fish for things against unknowns, see what they can punish or not, or what they know how to defend where you just assume the pros know how to do it.

RENZO:  Ya, more or less.  Against seasoned players, you can throw Hail Mary's out as much as you would like.

Alright, let's see...ever since you posted this, I've wanted to know: why did you decide to start with Dudley against Ricky's Rufus?  Mind games?  And...why not just pick a top-tier character like Cammy?  Man, picking Fuerte and Dudley is just shooting yourself in the foot... except you make it work.  And have for a long time!  Why stick with such difficult characters for so long?

RENZO:  I picked Dudley because he was supposed to be my "counter" to Rufus. That character had knocked me out of the last, like, 4 or 5 tourneys and Elf vs Rufus is really in Rufus' favor so I was looking for anything. Plus at Evo 2013, I played Ricky [Ortiz] with Dudley and it went last match last round so I felt pretty good about the matchup until after the 1st match.
     [About picking Fuerte and Dudley] I don't know man. Honestly, after playing for so long, every other character feels soo stiff and the movement is lame except for Dudley. Also, Dudley does help on damage for a correct guess, and I'm one of the best guessers in Street Fighter so I like to be actually rewarded for guessing right.

So if you had to give advice to a new kid starting to play street fighter, it'd be pick the character(s) that feel good and work on your...guessing? Is that what's kept you in the game?

RENZO:  No, lol. It would be to pick a character you like and stick with it, learn all your bad matchups and situations.  You can pick a top tier and win, but if you don't love the character you will stop having fun playing whatever game you're into.  

A couple more questions.  Watching the stream, Snake Eyez reverse OCVing NorCal was the hypest thing people had seen for quite a while.  What did you think about it?  Also, what brings the hype for you?

RENZO:  I thought it was the worst thing that ever happened because I lost money! lol  It was funny, because as soon as PR Balrog lost I knew it was over but, hey, Snake Eyez is the best.
     Anything exciting brings the hype for me whether it be a comeback, clutch combo, a sick setup, people in the crowd...that's what's so great with this scene and going to tourneys.  The hype can come from anywhere.

Kinda funny how that works, right?  Finally, everyone follows someone else in SF. I watch Luffy and filipin0man for Rose strats.  Who do you follow and why?  And when can we see you next on stream?

RENZO:  The only person I've ever watched is tkd.  That guy was soo far ahead of his time it's crazy.  I go back and watch his vanilla videos and see how he played.  It's amazing.  Other than that, I don't really follow anyone.
     My next major will be NCR.  Hopefully, we can get some more Utah people out there and represent again.  :)

That'd be good to see!  Renzo, thanks for letting me take some of your time for this interview.

RENZO:  For you, my friend, anytime.

     Remember, the first Ranbat of the year is being held in SLC at Kafeneio this Saturday, Mar. 22 at 4pm.  Main games are SF4AE2012 and UMvC3, with side tournaments for those want to host them.  21 people and counting are signed up to go on the 801 Utah FGC page on Facebook.  Are you one of them?  
     Also, I had fun doing these interviews with Steven and Renzo.  Are there any other interviews or things you'd like to see in the blog that concern the Utah SF scene?  Post your comments and ideas below.      -Dana

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