Monday, January 31, 2011

Pizza Battles Sat. Feb. 12 2011

Location: Godfathers Pizza in Carriage Square. 4100 S and Redwood rd in Taylorsville
Games: SSF4 and UMK3 if Konqrr comes. Bring your own equipment.
Cost: $10/tournament. Pizza buffet is 6.99/person. No sharing buffet's.
Details: Casuals 1130am, Tournament starts at 1pm. We will have the standard double elimination tournament. Plus a skills tournament.
Prizes: For the standard double elimination tournament, 50% of pool money for first place. For tier tournaments, winner of tier B gets 10% of pool money. Winner of tier A gets 20% and Tier S gets 20% of pool money. We also have a 35 dollar donation by The Ultimate that will pay out 2nd place for the standard tournament. Thanks for that, Ultimate. For tier S, I will be buy them dinner or make ribeyes every 2-3 months. First tier S dinner in March.

"Tier" tournament:We will also be doing a separate, skill based tournament. We will have 3 tiers of skill. S, A, and B grades. S grade is our top level players, pro's. We have 3 players currently for this tier. Gus, Eddie and Renzo.

Tier A will be those who play regularly but still lose to tier S consistently. This would be someone who practices online, goes to casuals and typical wins the majority of your matches against scrubs.

Tier B is for beginners or those don't practice much. You decide what tier you are in either A or B.

To get to tier S, you must win 2 Tier A tournaments and be accepted by Gustavo. So we will run single elimination tournaments for each skill level. The winners of A and B will play in the S tournament. This new tier system will let everyone have a chance to be a winner against players of your own skill.

Extras: If we have time for double elimination for the tier tournament, we will do that, but if not it will be single.

Everyone bring your own stick/controller. If MVC 3 is available before release, will try to have a copy there. UMK3 side tournament will be free if we have it. Also there will be one screen used for MM, 5 dollars first to 3. No high game sets please.

Also, if you would rather play at 430 please let me know. Guys, thanks for your support of the scene.

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